ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A man was arrested after being accused of sexual battery at a Walt Disney World hotel on Monday.

According to a WESH report, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Dolphin resort, where the accuser told deputies she was sitting at a bar at around midnight and was approached by Eyvor Gomez, 49.

Deputies said Gomez struck up a conversation with her and invited her to drink outside after the bar’s last call for drinks. The victim went outside with Gomez and he allegedly told her he wanted to move away from the security cameras because the alcohol he was drinking was not purchased from the resort.

After they moved to a more secluded corner, Gomez allegedly made advances toward her and she cursed him out. Deputies said she blacked out from hitting her head after Gomez pushed her into a glass wall.

When she woke up, her skirt was around her ankles. She reportedly told deputies that she kept her eyes closed until the alleged assault was over. After asking Gomez how she “ended up like this”, he replied, “I don’t know. You just ended up like that.”

The accuser went back inside the resort and sat with a group of guests in a lounge area. She reportedly told them to pretend like they knew her so Gomez would leave her alone.

Gomez was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail, where he was charged with sexual battery. Disney security connected Gomez to an incident on July 3, where security had to escort his wife back to their hotel room after an argument.