JENSEN BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — Deputies arrested a Jensen Beach man after receiving multiple reports of a suspicious man following children as young as 6 years old around a local mall and photographing them.

According to a post on the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Pedro Valdez, 27, was arrested and charged with video voyeurism for photographing and filming women and children at the Treasure Coast Mall and other shopping centers. Deputies said Valdez admitted to taking the photos.

“He admitted, ‘Yes, I go over to the mall. I video women, girls,'” Martin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Budensiek told WPTV. “He was almost proud of the fact he had done these things and offered the deputy a look at his phone.”

Deputies said that in one reported case, Valdez allegedly lifted a young girl’s skirt, took a picture of her underwear and ran away without her parents noticing.

“A normal criminal, they’re sneaky about it. They’re trying to hide, but this perv was blatant about what he was doing. This is what’s shocking to us is that the parent did everything correct. They were with their child. Their child was right behind them within feet of them,” Budensiek told WPTV. “This individual is a hunter — a predator — and continued to get aggressive in his approach.”

According to a WPTV report, deputies said Valdez “blended in” with young people by wearing youthful clothes and riding a skateboard. He was reportedly found with three cell phones, all containing pictures of children who deputies have yet to identify. Anyone in the area who was victimized by Valdez or witnessed his suspicious behavior in the past few months is asked to call (772) 220-7060.

“If you’re embarrassed, we understand that, come forward your information will be protected,” Budensiek told WPTV. “Your information will be anonymous all the way until the court process.”

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said Valdez had been living in the woods since moving to Florida from Utah, where he is reportedly accused of “the same type of perverted criminal behavior”. According to WPTV, he was arrested for the same crime there, but was not added to a sex offender registry because the charge was a misdemeanor.