TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — With the start of daylight saving time just over a day away, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has called to make the twice a year time change permanent across the country.

In a video message on the Sunshine Protection Act, Rubio (R-FL) said,” As a country, we’ve dealt with this policy for far too long. Twenty states and a huge majority of Americans want to stay in daylight saving time all year round, and we now have bipartisan and bicameral support to do just that. So please, let’s just lock the clock once and for all and put all this stupidity behind us.”

The bill reflects the Florida legislature’s 2018 enactment of year-round DST. However, for Florida’s change to apply, a change in the federal statute is required.

So far, 19 other states have passed similar laws, resolutions or voter initiatives, and dozens more are looking to do so. Those states include Arkansas, Alabama, California, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

If enacted the bill would simply negate the need for Americans to change their clocks twice a year. For more information on the bill, click here.