ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —WARNING: Some of the contents of the video shown below are highly graphic and may be disturbing to some.

In court Wednesday, Former NFL player Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans, told a judge the injuries she sustained from the attack were more serious than initially thought. She asked the judge to increase Stacy’s bond.

Evans’ attorney called Stacy a “dangerous and violent man” and asked the judge to put Stacy under house arrest.

Stacy’s lawyer argued the bond should not be changed. He said Stacy has cooperated with the investigation since the arrest warrant went out.

Ultimately, the judge decided not to modify Stacy’s bond amount. However, he said he is changing one condition of the bond. Stacy is now not allowed to come back into the state of Florida except for court appearances. Stacy is currently staying in Alabama with his family.

Evans told WESH 2 she wasn’t able to testify before Stacy was allowed to bond out of jail.

She is seen in a graphic video that’s gone viral. In it, Evans is thrown into a TV and slammed to the ground while her baby is in the room. WESH 2 spoke with her last week.

She says the attacker is the baby’s father, a former running back for the Jets and Rams.

He was arrested last week and went in front of a judge to determine whether he could bail out. But that hearing was moved up by four hours with little notice and Evans says she didn’t have a chance to testify.

Evans wants to let the judge know she fears for her life.

“It was absolute hell and I know women have gone through worse. To feel what I felt, I can’t imagine for it to be worse,” she said.

She also says in a court filing that she’s been getting threats and is afraid to go home.