WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — The attorneys representing the family of a woman who fell off a drawbridge in West Palm Beach said they are looking into potential legal action over the woman’s death.

On Feb. 6, Carol Easterling Wright was walking her bicycle across the Royal Park Bridge when the bridge gates went down and the bridge started to go up.

The 79-year-old Palm Beach County resident tried to hang on as a nearby skateboarder came to her rescue, but she lost her grip, falling at least 50 feet to her death.

“Our client was enjoying a beautiful South Florida afternoon when she suffered this devastating fall. This should have never happened,” said Lance Ivey, an attorney representing the woman’s family.

Police said they were looking into any lapses in safety practices that could have led to Wright’s death. According to a West Palm Beach police spokesman, there should have been a bridge tender keeping an eye out for anyone on the bridge.

Ivey said Wright was near the bridge house and should have been within eyesight of the bridge tender, who has yet to be identified.

According to the attorney, the tender should have looked at the cameras, mirrors, and even looked outside to make sure the bridge was clear before hitting the button lifting the bridge.

Ivey said he and his associates have not yet filed a lawsuit over Wright’s death, but they asked Florida Drawbridges Inc. to turn over evidence related to the case to determine whether legal action is needed.