TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — Gov. Ron DeSantis told Floridians across the state to be ready for a potential hurricane during a joint press conference in Tallahassee Sunday.

This comes after the governor declared a statewide state of emergency for the state of Florida due to Ian’s increase and strength.

The state of emergency will allow for weight restrictions on trucks to be waived and emergency refills of prescriptions for 30 days. The Florida National Guard has also activated 2,500 guardsmen to support any recovery efforts.

DeSantis told residents they must make preparations for potential impacts from Tropical Storm Ian, soon to be a major hurricane in the coming days. This can include heavy rain, storm surges, tornadoes, and flooding.

As of this report, Ian is predicted to impact the western coast of Florida and the Panhandle, although it is not known yet where it could make landfall.

DeSantis told Floridians in these regions to make proper preparations with supplies such as fuel, food, and water.

“Anticipate power outages,” he said. “That is something that is likely to happen with a hurricane of this magnitude.”

He also said that if you have generators, make sure they are not inside your home, or else it could be fatal.

The governor told Floridians that some people closer to where Ian could make landfall should be ready for fuel disruptions and even evacuations.

“Listen to your local officials and heed those warnings,” he said.

Kevin Guthrie, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, said some models have Ian becoming a category four storm in the Gulf, which could cause category 4 storm surges even if the hurricane lands as a category one.

FDEM is working on potential staging areas to provide food and water to those in need per county requests.

Guthrie said Floridians must have an emergency plan and learn their evacuation zone if necessary to avoid over-evacuation.

“If your home address is not in one of the labeled colors, you do not live in an evacuation zone, and therefore, you need to know your home,” he said. “Does your home have the ability to sustain tropical storm force or hurricane winds?”

You can watch the full conference in the player above.