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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your car for years or just drove it off the lot, people all across the country love to personalize their vehicles.

Sometimes those personalization’s have restrictions, especially when it comes to customizing your license plate.

According to documents obtained from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, roughly over 500 license plates didn’t get pressed in 2022.

In order for personalized plates to be approved for use, there can’t be anything “obscene” shown on the plate. State law allows FLHSMV to reject plates that break the guidelines.

Custom plates can sometimes be recalled later on if they are found to be obscene or objectionable. Blatant swear words aren’t allowed along with a combination of letters and numbers that make it look like it’s an expletive.

Here are some of the plates that weren’t stamped in 2021 – warning, some may find the below material offensive:

  • 01D FART
  • FUPA
  • SL0WMF
  • XXX69

Rejected license plates in Florida 2022:

According to FLHSMV, personalized license plate orders are reviewed for obscene or objectionable material by office staff before being passed along to the state agency, where the plates go through another review process.

Drivers who notice an obscene plate on the road can file a complaint to their local tax collector’s office or contact the FLHSMV office.

Anyone interested in getting a personalized license plate is asked to fill out this form, which can be processed at a local tax collector or local driver license and motor vehicle service center.

There is an additional $15 annual fee for each personalized plate, according to the agency.

Scroll below to see the full list of personalized license plates rejected in 2022: