PALM COAST, Fla. (WFLA) — The killer whale that died after stranding itself on a Florida beach showed signs of illness, SeaWorld revealed Friday.

The whale was found at Jungle Hut Park on Wednesday. SeaWorld said this is the first time since 1956 that a killer whale has stranded itself on the Florida coast.

The organization said the whale was a geriatric female. She was almost 22 feet long and weighed 9,000 pounds.

Officials said the whale underwent a necropsy examination, which will eventually reveal what led to the whale’s stranding and death. However, SeaWorld said it will take several weeks or months before the report is finalized.

“What we learn will be another important piece of the puzzle in understanding this amazing species and helping protect wild populations, including the endangered Southern Resident killer whales of the Pacific Northwest,” SeaWorld said.

The organization was able to confirm that the whale showed no signs of pregnancy and there were no signs of human interaction or trauma. SeaWorld did say there were signs of various illnesses.

If you spot a marine animal in trouble, you can call 1-877-WHALE HELP (877-942-5343) for assistance. The hotline is open 24 hours.