ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A judge in Florida on Monday agreed with a request from the family of comedian Bob Saget and will permanently block certain records of his death, according to WESH.

Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters filed a lawsuit in February, asking the state judge for a ruling that would prohibit the release of any records from the local medical examiner’s office and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office involving the probe into Saget’s death.

Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu issued had previously provided a temporary injunction.

“The entire Saget family is grateful that the judge granted their request for an injunction to preserve Bob’s dignity, as well as their privacy rights, especially after suffering this unexpected and tragic loss. We are pleased this issue has been resolved, and the healing process can continue to move forward. All of the prayers and well wishes continuously extended to the family are beyond appreciated,” Saget’s family wrote in a statement obtained by WESH.

Saget was found dead on Jan. 9 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Orlando. He had been on a standup tour at the time.

An autopsy report shows Saget’s cause of death was “blunt head trauma” that resulted in multiple fractures to the skull and hemorrhaging near the brain.

Saget’s injuries included, but were not limited to, an abrasion on the back of his scalp, subgaleal hemorrhaging under the back of his scalp, a linear fracture to the base of his skull, comminuted fractures (bone broken into more than two pieces) on “the roofs of the orbits involving the bilateral and frontal bone,” and a subdural hematoma and additional hemorrhaging.

Saget was best known for his role as beloved single dad Danny Tanner on the sitcom “Full House” and as the wisecracking host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” He was buried in Los Angeles.