A judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony filed by the man who found Caylee Anthony’s remains in Orange County nearly 11 years ago.

Roy Kronk filed the suit against Casey Anthony after she was acquitted in her daughter’s death in 2011. Anthony’s defense team had suggested that Kronk had something to do with Caylee’s death.

A federal court judge ruled that Casey Anthony had little to do with the defense strategy during her trial, so she couldn’t be held liable for defamation.

Kronk worked as a meter reader and found Caylee’s remains in the woods about a mile from the Anthony family home.

Kronk claimed the defense’s statements hurt him financially and emotionally. He has claimed for a decade that he accidentally discovered Caylee’s remains in woods near the Anthony home.

During a deposition in the case in August 2014, Anthony was asked if she killed her daughter, and if she ordered her attorneys to launch a smear campaign against Kronk.

Anthony, with attorney Cheney Mason present, was questioned by Howard Marks, who is Kronk’s attorney.

During Anthony’s testimony, Kronk’s attorney tried to get Anthony to admit that she knew about a media smear campaign that attempted to portray Kronk as the murderer.

Marks: “Is it fair to say… you agreed to allow your attorneys to come up with the strategies for the defense?”

Anthony: “No.”

Marks: “Did you ever object to any strategies that your attorneys were doing?”

Mason: “I instruct you not to answer.”

Anthony did later respond, saying, “I can tell you with full honestly (sic), I never knew the content of what was said. All I knew is that they may or may not have talked on this show or to this paper. That’s it.”

During a 2009 appearance on NBC’s Today Show, Anthony’s defense attorneys, Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon, suggested Kronk was involved in Caylee’s murder.

“This is a situation where law enforcement never looked into this witness who is a critical witness — never investigated this man’s background,” said Jose Baez, Anthony’s attorney.

“He’s the only one who has been with the body. He is the only who magically discovers it. He takes a day off the day before he discovers it again in December,” Lyons said on Today.

Marks also asked Anthony point-blank during the deposition if she was involved in Caylee’s death.

“Do you admit you were involved in the death of Caylee Marie?”

Anthony’s attorney, Cheney Mason, interrupted again, saying, “I’ll very clearly state, she denies admission.”

“We have instructed her not to answer any questions regarding any knowledge she has or does not have about the death of her child,” Mason added.

Marks: “In August 2008, did you believe your daughter was alive?” Mason again interrupted, “I’m going to instruct you not to answer.”