TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A 72-year-old janitorial worker from Orlando was accidentally locked inside an Orange County Courthouse holding cell for three days without food, according to an incident report obtained by WFLA.

The report, provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, stated on Monday, Jan. 30, a courthouse deputy came across an unaccompanied cleaning cart near a courtroom on the 23rd floor.

When the deputy walked over to investigate, they found a 72-year-old janitorial worker locked inside a holding cell.

The janitor told the deputy she had been locked inside the cell for the last three days.

The woman explained she was cleaning the holding cell when the door shut behind her and locked her in. The woman said she knocked on the door and tried to pull it open but was unsuccessful. She also told deputies she was unable to call for help as her cell phone was left on her janitorial cart which was just outside the secure doorway.

Authorities said there was no food in the cell, however, the woman was able to drink water from a small faucet on top of the cell’s toilet.

The woman told deputies she was diabetic and had not taken any Insulin since she was accidentally locked inside the cell.

The woman was given food to help adjust her blood sugar levels but ultimately refused medical treatment. She was taken home by an officer.