JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WFLA) – A Jacksonville hospital came under fire Monday after pictures of employees with newborns appeared on social media.

Those workers at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville were reportedly seen making the newborn babies dance and another photo shows the employee giving the baby the finger with a caption that read, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

A Jacksonville woman shared the photos with News Channel 8, hoping someone would see what a girl she “went to high school with” posted on SnapChat.

The hospital posted a reply to seeing the photos on social media.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s Commanding Officer sends: “We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated. We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice. We’re in the process of notifying the patient’s parents.”

There are almost 3,000 comments on the Facebook apology with upset people saying the employees should be fired.STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-