ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) – The roll-out of a coronavirus vaccine is another tool that could help the desperate travel industry get back on its feet.

Passengers and airport workers around the country now have a new “hub” of activity: COVID-19 testing stations.

It is something that will begin this month at Orlando International Airport.

“We just want to make sure we are doing the right thing. Before we set anything up we just want to make sure we are giving the best product as always for the traveling public and our employees,” Tom Draper with Orlando International Airport said.

Air travel is down by more than half but millions of passengers are still hustling through OIA, especially in the holiday season.

However, privacy concerns may grow with the introduction of a vaccine. The International Air Transport Association is in the final stages of developing a digital COVID-19 vaccine passport for travelers.

While it might speed up your travels, like TSA Precheck, will airlines require vaccinations and proof?

The rest of the travel industry is also trying to sort out the conditions for safe travel as America, and the rest of the world moves into the vaccination phase of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Major theme parks may be exploring whether vaccination proof should be required for admission.

The hotel industry, especially big properties that handle convention and meeting business, may find a marketing benefit in requiring vaccination.

“So if you have an identification like you do with TSA, you put that in your reservation and when you show up at the front desk you have to show your card or it’s in your reservation so you know it’s approved,” Bruce Rosenberg with Hotelplanner.com said.

It’s a new journey for the travel industry fueled by the coronavirus vaccine.