TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A controversial Orlando amusement park ride is on pause after receiving backlash for being “insensitive,” according to a statement from the park.

ICON Park announced Thursday it would be adding a game called “Bullseye Blast” to The Wheel ride – a 400-foot tall observation wheel that offers views of the Orlando area. The game was described as a competition for riders to use infrared laser blasters to hit colorful targets positioned on rooftops around Orlando that can be seen from the ride.

According to the park, “the Bullseye Blast game satisfied guests who enjoy gaming, arcades and virtual reality.”

In the statement, the park addressed online criticism describing the game as a “mass shooting simulator.”

“This is definitely NOT it,” one user said. Another tweeted, “This seems INCREDIBLY tone deaf.”

“Some non-guests and community members expressed that they considered the toy shooting device used to be insensitive,” the park said. “The attractions industry has many similar games which use similar shooting devices, so that is what we were limited to when exploring the game. However, we believe that a device can and should be designed which does not offend anyone in the community.”

The park said it would pause the “current version” of the game until it can pursue a new design that delivers the same level of fun for guests,” in a way that the entire community can embrace.”