ORLANDO (NBC) — A Louisiana man was arrested at Disney Springs after refusing to have his temperature taken, police said.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released body camera video showing the February 13 incident. As you can see, deputies confronted 47-year-old Kelly Sills outside the Boathouse Restaurant and asked him to leave the site.

According to the arrest report, Sills skipped the temperature screening at the restaurant and refused to get checked when asked by staff.

When deputies arrived, the Baton Rouge man complained that he paid $15,000 for a Disney World vacation and argued with deputies as he was escorted off the property.

At one point, Sills claimed he was a Disney stockholder.

Eventually, Sills told deputies he was willing to get his temperature checked. They appeared to say he could do so in jail.

According to court documents, Sill pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge. He’s expected back in court Monday morning.