WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — A 10-year-old girl is staying positive after fending off a shark during an encounter at a Florida beach.

“I fought a shark and won,” Jasmine Carney told NBC affiliate WPTV. Earlier this week, a shark came right at Jasmine while she was visiting Hobe Sound Beach.

“Something grabbed me. So, I’m like, ‘don’t you touch me.'” Jasmine told the news station. “It looked pretty big, It was grey. It hurt, so I’m like, kick it, run away.”

Jasmine’s adoptive grandma, who goes by “Nana,” told the news outlet that she was “amazed.”

“She came running up that beach, screaming, ‘Nana! Nana! Something bit me. Something bit me,'” she recalled. “And I saw all the blood and went and got a lifeguard.”

Jasmine was flown to a children’s hospital with a severe injury to her right foot. Her surgeon, Dr. Nir Hus, said he was surprised by how calm she was.

“She was very positive from the get-go,” he said.

(Photo courtesy of WPTV)

Hus told WPTV that Jasmine should make a full recovery in one to two months.

While she recovers, Jasmine said her 6-year-old brother is helping her keep calm.

“He’s pretty curious, so I might as well stay calm because I know he wouldn’t want me to be scared because he’s the best little brother in the world,” Jasmine said.