KEY WEST, Fla. (WFLA) — A video on Twitter shows heavy wind and rain battering the Florida Keys as Hurricane Ian nears Florida.

A video shared by @PerfectHealth_1 shows tropical storm-force winds driving heavy rain in Key West on Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service forecast 35 to 45 mph wind, with gusts up to 65 mph in Key West, TMX reported.

Hurricane Ian is forecast to rapidly strengthen as it nears the West Coast of Florida. Forecasters said the storm could strengthen to a Category 4 before it makes landfall.

“Folks this is 40 mile an hour winds. By the time it makes landfall in Florida it will be 140 mile winds. Please Please take this seriously. I’ll try to keep you all updated since we are getting it first,” the tweet said.

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TMX contributed to this report.