TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As the Bay area experiences near record-breaking heat, some pet owners are doing things a little differently to protect their animals.

Madison Carper likes to bring her dog Finn to the dog park at Picnic Island in Tampa to allow him to play in the water.

“It’s hot outside, usually we go on walks, but it’s too hot to go on walks in this weather. So, he can cool down in the water,” Carper said.

Nick Geddes brought his seven-month-old puppy, Riley, to a dog park under the Selmon Expressway to take advantage of the shade.

“We come to this location for a dog park because it’s the only one we’ve found that’s under shade and so we keep him out of the heat and let him cool down and it works pretty well,” Geddes said.

At Dale Mabry Animal Hospital, Dr. Hansel Leavengood said there are some things you should not be doing with your dog in the heat:

“Things to avoid; walking on hot pavement, never jog with your dog when it’s hot outside, never ride your bike with a dog when it’s hot outside.”

Dr. Leavengood said the heat can be fatal to dogs and if you notice your pet is having problems, you need to take action quickly.

“Cool water, not ice water, and a fan — get them started on that, but get to the emergency ASAP.”

If you don’t take action, he said your pet may quickly experience severe health issues.

“The central nervous system shuts down, the kidneys shut down, the liver shuts down, the heart has problems,” Dr. Leavengood warned.

Dylan Lyles also took his dog to the park under the Selmon Expressway, but he picked her up on the way home to keep her paws off the pavement.

“She gets spoiled and she gets carried all the way home,” Lyles said.