MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA) — A heartbreaking video shows person speeding off after abandoning their dog at a Florida park.

Surveillance video obtained by WTVJ shows a black car driving down Northwest 63rd Street in Miami to a gated entrance at Athalie Range Park on July 28.

A person is seen leading the young American bulldog mix into the park and shutting it in the gated area.

Moments later, the person takes off in the car, leaving the dog behind. The dog is later seen wandering around the street.

A resident saw the incident unfold and called animal rescuer Jennifer Diliz.

“She jumped right into my car. She was so sweet. She seemed very lost,” Diliz told WTVJ.

Diliz said she drove the 2-year-old dog named Sunflower to the Big Dog Ranch Rescue near West Palm Beach.

“Sadly, this happens very frequently. We are facing a 60 percent increase in owner surrenders across shelters and rescues,” Natalie Paige Rubino told the news station.

The news station reported that several local shelters are at capacity, which could be why the owner abandoned their dog.

“I wish they would have reached out for help and maybe they did and hit a thousand dead ends but keep reaching out. Don’t just dump a dog out in the street, in a park,” Diliz said.

WTVJ said the problem is only expected to get worse as financial hardships grow.

In Miami-Dade County, abandoning your pet is illegal. If police catch the owner, they could face thousands of dollars in fines.