TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Chances are you have met someone who can “work hard and play hard.” Someone who can seemingly go unfazed by hangovers despite having just a few hours of sleep — someone who is “booze fit.”

According to one survey, 50% of Floridians consider themselves able to work hard and drink hard — a term known as being booze fit.

The survey of 3,131 drinkers revealed that Floridians are more likely to consider themselves booze fit when compared to the national average of 48%, but that figure doesn’t stand up to other states, namely Alaska and Iowa, where 71% and 62% of respondents (respectively) claimed they were booze fit.

The Greenhouse Treatment survey also found that 47% of people working long hours claimed an alcoholic drink helps them relax or take the edge off a difficult day.

Here’s where Florida ranks in the national survey:

1. Alaska71%
2. Iowa62%
3. Delaware60%
4. Washington58%
5. Maine58%
6. Vermont57%
7. Pennsylvania56%
8. Illinois56%
9. Arizona55%
10. North Carolina53%
15. Florida50%

The study added that 10% of drinkers who regularly consume alcohol also believe an increased tolerance to alcohol can strengthen their body, which may explain why so many consider themselves booze fit.