BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A grandmother was arrested last week after her 10-month-old grandson died in her care last year, according to a report from NBC affiliate WTVJ.

The news station reported that the boy’s grandma, 53-year-old Tibina Louissant faced a Broward County judge Saturday for the alleged aggravated manslaughter of her grandson, Josiah Tobias Fenelu.

Prosecutors said that two baby bottles filled with cough syrup were found in Louissant’s home and her grandson died in her care in Aug. 2022.

“The child had swelling of the brain, pulmonary congestion, and a small hemorrhage of the scalp, which is bleeding between the scalp and skull,” a prosecutor said in court. “The toxicology results show this was essentially an overdose of what looks like cough syrup.”

The news station reported that the boy’s mother claimed she didn’t receive the toxicology report until nearly a year after her son’s death. It is not known why investigators waited so long to make an arrest in the case.

Louissant bonded out of jail after a judge imposed a $50,000 bond. She was ordered to have no unsupervised visits with minors, WTVJ reported.