ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was asked point-blank Thursday whether he believes the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged against former President Donald Trump.

His answer: Florida did its job.

DeSantis was in St. Petersburg to host a roundtable with environmental officials on the recent red tide advisories issued in the Tampa Bay area.

At the conclusion of the roundtable, a reporter in attendance asked DeSantis whether President Joe Biden’s victory in last year’s election was rigged.

“I want to ask you again, directly, do you believe the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged?,” the reporter asked.

“I think we had the best-run election in this state [than we’ve] probably ever had,” DeSantis responded. “I’m proud of what they did. I mean obviously we had to do some things at the state level. I mean, I had to make some changes when I first came into office. I think those were long overdue changes. I think they were effective changes.”

“We did not throw out our whole system because of COVID,” he added. “We basically continued with what we were doing. And I think it was very transparent, very efficient.”

As the reporter attempted to interject about the lack of a response to the question, Gov. DeSantis moved on to the next question from a different reporter.

As President Biden approaches half-a-year in office, there’s still no confirmed evidence of fraud influencing the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Associated Press reported this week on newly-released emails from the last weeks of Trump’s presidency, revealing his allies pressured the Justice Department to investigate unsubstantiated claims of widespread 2020 election fraud that even his former attorney general declared without evidence.

Watch DeSantis’ entire response from our WFLA Now livestream Thursday morning covering the roundtable in St. Petersburg.