(WFLA) — A 16-year-old girl captured an 11-foot python in a backyard in South Florida with help from her father.

According to WPTV, Daniel Golightly saw a post about the lost or wild snake on their community’s Ring app. He told his 16-year-old daughter Onya Lee-Golightly about it and she knew she had to help.

Together they set out to try to capture the python.

“I didn’t know how big it was. I thought it was big but I didn’t know how big it was,” Daniel said in an Instagram video. He said he started to have reservations after seeing the snake in person.

However, Onya was unfazed by the snake. “I should probably just grab it by the head,” Daniel recalled her saying in the video.

That’s exactly what Onya did. Daniel said they ended up in a tussle with the snake for about five minutes as they tried to put it in a bag used for transport.

The snake wrapped around Onya’s arm several times as she tried to guide it into the bag. Her father also helped wrestle the snake and said it wrapped around his arm once.

“It wrapped around my arm and let me tell you, the pressure was unlike anything I’ve felt,” Daniel said in a video.

Daniel said he was amazed that his daughter only cared about the snake’s wellbeing, despite it wrapping around her arms tightly.

“He’s squeezing my hand which is squeezing his neck, and I don’t want to hurt him,” Onya said in the video.

Together, the pair managed to capture the snake.

“I’ve never in my life seen a young 16-year-old girl do something like this in my life,” Daniel said.

Onya has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos about her adventures with animals. She told WPTV that one of her missions is to help people overcome their fears of misunderstood animals.