TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A bear cub got into a little bit of trouble after getting one of its paws stuck inside a tree, but fortunately, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was ready to help.

Friday, the FWC posted about the em-bear-rassing situation, saying that the cub got its back paw trapped in a crook of the tree.

An FWC biologist and officer responded, spending two hours trying to get the cub out of its predicament while avoiding its other claws.

After trying to pry the tree limbs apart and soaking the cub’s leg in dish soap, the two personnel got some help from a local who happened to have a chainsaw.

“As our biologist safely held the bear as still as possible, our officer was able to cut one of the tree limbs entrapping the cub,” the FWC said. “WHEW! After the little bear was released and a quick medical check to ensure the animal was free of injuries, they made sure the cub was able to reunite with its mother.”