TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One Florida lake has won the “Battle of the Lakes” with the heaviest total bass catches, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Fellsmere Reservoir, also known as Headwaters Lake, won against Orange Lake, with the highest total pounds of bass by anglers.

The anglers have been competing since last fall at two of Florida’s premiere trophy bass destinations.

The competition was designed to highlight the two fisheries and encourage enthusiasm and participation in the FWC TrophyCatch program.

Angler John Holz caught and released this 9-pound bass on Fellsmere Reservoir. (FWC)

“Each water body is different and has a lot to offer,” Tom Graef, Director of FWC’s Division of Freshwater Fisheries said. “We thank all our participants on both sides of this fun contest for helping to showcase Florida as the bass fishing capital of the world.”

At Fellsmere Reservoir, anglers caught 85 trophy bass totaling 759 lbs, 3 oz, averaging 8.93 pounds per fish. At Orange Lake, anglers caught 64 bass, totaling 635 lbs, 8 oz, averaging 9.93 pounds per bass.

Orange Lake also had the heaviest bass of the season, weighing in at 14 lbs, 1 oz for a total of four Hall of Fame fish weighing over 13 pounds.

Fellsmere Reservoir came out on top in the “Battle of the Lakes. (FWC)

Participants will be honored Saturday, Nov. 11 at the TrophyCatch Hall of Fame Ceremony at Bass Pro Shops in Daytona.

TrophyCatch promotes the responsible catch, documentation, and release of trophy-size bass. They also reward anglers for contributing to fishery research and management.

For more information about Florida’s freshwater fisheries, visit myfwc.com.