TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Cap News Services) – From one end of the state to the other, university presidents are dealing with fraternities not obeying rules put in place to reduce infections.

Seven men were arrested by FSU police for holding a large off campus house party, and two fraternities were suspended in Southwest Florida for similar conduct.

The FSU party was in the former ATO fraternity house just two blocks from the FSU police headquarters.

Seven men were all charged with violating the state’s open house party law for providing alcohol to people underage.

Four others were charged with underage drinking.

“Large crowd. Definitely resembled a party. Obviously that’s really what it was,” said Lieutenant John Baker with the FSU Police Department.

The arrests began when police noticed several underage women leaving the premises with cups or cans in their hand.

“Once they observed that and arrests were made on those four individuals, they went into the house to stop the party,” said Baker.

The FSU Police report said masks were few and far between at the party and social distancing was not existent.

FSU is expected to take student disciplinary action against all involved.

FSU President John Thrasher sent a campus-wide email that said he was gravely concerned.

“So we’ve talked to the students and we want them to understand that this is very serious,” said Baker.

While at the fraternity house, three emerged from a house two doors down and engaged us.

“We’re doing all right,” said one of the students.

We asked if they wanted to discuss the party.

“We weren’t there, I don’t know about that,” the student replied.

FSU Police were wearing body cameras when they entered the house.

We’ve made a public records request for the video.

Hundreds of miles to the South, two Florida Gulf Coast University fraternities were suspended, also holding house parties over the weekend.

“Everybody’s got to be in this together if we’re going to keep FGCU operating,” said university president Dr. Michael Martin.

The ATO fraternity was suspended for five years in August over allegations of hazing and other offenses last spring.