MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA) — Four teenagers were shot at a Miami apartment complex on Friday evening.

According to a NBC Miami report, four teenagers ages 13-15 were shot at the Cutler Manor apartment complex in Southwest Miami Dade. Three of the teens are expected to be okay, but the fourth, a 15-year-old, remains in critical condition in Jackson Memorial Hospital’s trauma unit.

“My neighbor just called me and said that my window was shot,” a neighbor told NBC Miami. “They were trying to see if I was in the apartment.”

“I just heard the shots and a couple of my customers got down,” the owner of a nearby ice cream shop said. “The shots were being fired over there and we heard people screaming.”

“Director [Alfredo] Ramirez was here on the scene, and he was talking to the investigators. He was irate at the fact that this was senseless, and that we could have had four teenagers dead at the apartments here simply because of the fact that somebody wanted to open fire,” Miami-Dade Police Department spokesperson, Alvaro Zabaleta, said.

NBC Miami spoke with a mother, Romania Dukes, who said her son died at the same apartment complex years ago. Duke is the founder of the activist group, Mothers Fighting for Justice.

“Enough is enough, this has to stop. How many more kids have to get shot? How many kids have to die?” Dukes said. “Here I am in the very same place where my son was murdered, ten steps away from where my son died in my arms.”

Zabaleta told NBC Miami that Dukes organized a walk the week before to spread awareness about violence and it started at that same street corner.

“And here we are a week later and we have four teenagers shot,” Zabaleta said.