TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Publix worker in Fort Myers made sure a 3-year-old girl had her birthday cake, despite supply issues due to Hurricane Ian.

Caroline Rollins posted on Facebook about Natasha, a baker at the Publix location at Skywalk in Fort Myers.

Rollins said on Friday, after the storm, she went to Publix to ask about a birthday cake for her daughter, Anna, who turned 3 on Sunday. She said she knew it wasn’t likely and that it would “take a miracle” to get a cake.

She said she went to the counter and workers mentioned they hadn’t received supplies, so it would most likely not happen. Rollins said she thanked them and continued shopping.

“About 5 minutes later, I felt a tap on my shoulder and one of the women (who I learned later is Natasha ) told me that in her culture, ‘it isn’t a birthday without cake!’ and she checked and found some supplies to bake Anna a third birthday cake,” Rollins wrote.

Rollins and her daughter picked up the cake on Sunday and Rollins posted Anna’s excited reaction on Facebook, saying “Natasha was beaming,” her daughter was “happy tapping” and she was near tears.

“Talk about an above and beyond moment. Natasha went out of her way to make sure Anna had the perfect day even in the middle of rebuilding our decimated community,” Rollins wrote.