TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — To ring in the new year, Florida drivers who travel toll roads regularly will get a bit of relief on their SunPass bills.

Beginning Sunday, the 2023 toll relief program passed by the state legislature starts, meaning drivers will get credits back depending on how many times they pass through tolls.

The toll relief program was initially planned for the March 2023 legislative session but was moved up to be included in December’s special session on property insurance. A slightly more limited program was put into effect in August.

“You’ll start to see the credit appear in February, and then every month thereafter, all the way for the entire calendar year,” DeSantis said after signing the bill into law. “We’re excited about doing this, if you think about it, our state has been able to outpace the nation on issue after issue, particularly when it comes to the economy, particularly when it comes to running elections, education, you name it.”

(Source: FDOT)

Senate Bill 6A is aimed at giving relief to Florida drivers for all of 2023, but only impacts Floridians in specific circumstances. To be eligible for the relief, drivers will earn credits back on their toll accounts as a reimbursement. $500 million was set aside by the state to administer the program, and like the disaster relief bill, it passed unanimously in the Florida Legislature’s chambers.

To qualify, drivers must have a SunPass account in good standing. Qualifying transactions must be for two-axle vehicles that match the transponder accounts on record. Floridians with a SunPass account and who have 35 or more toll transactions per transponder per month are eligible to earn back 50% of what they pay for toll credit reimbursement.

The Florida Department of Transportation said the relief program applies to all toll facilities with electronic payment options in Florida, impacting 1.2 million drivers. The program runs from Jan. 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2023.

In the Tampa Bay area, there are multiple toll locations that will benefit.

  • Suncoast Parkway
  • Veterans Expressway
  • I-4 Connector
  • Polk Parkway
  • Pinellas Bayway
  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge
  • Selmon Expressway