TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A study on auto insurance rates across the country found that in Florida, women pay an average more than $300 higher than men. The study, by QuoteWizard, said it was the second largest gender gap in the country, when it came to auto insurance rates.

Generally, the study said men tend to pay slightly less no matter where. However, sometimes it’s a matter of age. Teenage male drivers pay more than their female counterparts, but overall men pay less.

“On average, we found that men pay $720 per year for auto insurance, while women pay $739 per year,” QuoteWizard reported.

Still, QuoteWizard also reported that women have safer driving records than men, but their rates are higher than average by age 35.

Separately, QuoteWizard reported that while women tend to pay more, their premiums increase by smaller amounts than men after an auto accident, speeding ticket, or DUI.

“Women may also pay significantly more than men depending on where they live,” QuoteWizard reported. “Our analysts found 31 states where women pay more than men, 15 where men pay more than women and four where men and women pay the same amount.”

Florida is already a more expensive state to drive in, with the second most expensive insurance costs in the country, according to a separate study by ValuePenguin. QuoteWizard’s analysis just puts the numbers between men and women into a range, at least for 30-year-old drivers.

Per year in Florida, women pay $307 more for their insurance in a year than men. While a man will pay $3,236 per year on auto insurance on average, women will pay $3,543, according to QuoteWizard.