DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida woman was killed after being hit with a forklift Monday, according to police.

NBC affiliate WESH reported that the incident happened in Daytona Beach Shores.

A forklift driver was in the middle of moving material from a truck to a building to repair damage left behind by Hurricane Ian when he ran over a woman in her 60s.

Public Safety Director Michael Fowler said the worker did not see the pedestrian past the construction materials, which caused him to hit her.

“The driver has told us that he was looking between the two loads,” Fowler told WESH. “There was a small space between the two loads. That he was looking there and never saw the pedestrian. Unfortunately, when someone told him to stop, he backed up and most likely ran over her again.”

Neighbors said they were shocked by the deadly incident.

The woman’s death has been classified as an industrial incident and will be investigated by Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.