(WFLA) — A Florida woman took the ride of her life when she unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy on a helicopter, according to reports.

NBC affiliate WPTV reported the expectant mother, Lidia Bucio, was in mid-flight to HCA Florida Lawnwood Hospital in Fort Pierce on Sunday in a race against the clock.

“I was screaming my lungs out,” Bucio recalled. Medics on board the aircraft did their best to keep her calm as she struggled to make it to the hospital.

“I can’t keep pushing him in. I have to push him out,” Bucio said. “My body is not paying attention to what I want.”

The 23-year-old mother, who lives on the Brighton Seminole reservation, told the news outlet she couldn’t wait to have her third child. Her child wasn’t waiting either.

As the helicopter touched down, the baby made his debut.

“It only took a minute for me to push him,” Bucio told WPTV. “I felt him slip and I was like, ‘He’s here!'”

Bucio reportedly alerted the nurses who met the chopper on the ground.

“I just delivered my baby. Don’t drop my baby,” she said.

After she was released from the hospital, Bucio said she could’t believe how gentle her newborn is despite his loud entrance into the world.