DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida woman was determined to go through absolute filth just to save a kitten that was stuck in a sewer, according to a news report.

West Palm Beach station WPEC reported that the situation began when Lindsey Bembli heard the kitten’s cries on July 24, finding it inside a drain near Fifth Avenue and Third Street.

Bembli and firefighters tried multiple methods to save the kitchen, including traps and a fishing net to catch it. However, the kitten kept running away, evading the people trying to save it.

“I didn’t want him to die down there,” Bembli told WPEC.

When firefighters failed to catch the kitten, Bembli decided to call her friend Liz Jones, the director of animal rescue organization Operation Liberation, to rescue the kitten.

“It’s not my first time being in a sewer drain to rescue animals, and it probably won’t be my last,” Jones told WPEC.

Jones crawled 300 feet through the sewer line on July 29 through cat feces, cockroaches, and toads to try to find the kitten. She said she also risked getting stuck in the drain herself if her shoulders were positioned the wrong way.

The kitten, now named Donatello, after being rescued. (Credit: Liz Jones, director of Operation Liberation)

Jones uploaded video of the rescue to Facebook, which showed her making her way through the drain.

“I’m Army crawling, but my forearms are killing me cause there’s a lot of sediment, and as I go deeper in, sediment builds up,” she said in the video.

Eventually, Jones grabbed the kitten, crawled back, and put him in a trap.

Jones told News Channel 8 that the kitten, now named Donatello for his Ninja Turtle-like origin, will be in quarantine until Friday.

“He is very excited to be introduced to my other foster kittens,” she said. “He is a wild child and loves to play.”