LAKE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A Florida woman who was accused of killing her husband and burying his remains in her backyard in Lake County in 2018 is now claiming that a young child actually pulled the trigger, according to reports.

NBC Affiliate WESH reported that Laure Leigh Shaver’s defense plans to argue that a child fired the gun that killed her husband, Michael Shaver.

In March 2018, the remains of Michael Shaver were found buried beneath a concrete slab under the couple’s property. However, authorities began investigating a month prior when Michael’s friend said he hadn’t heard from him since 2015.

Laurie wasn’t arrested until nearly two years later, in 2020. Now, according to WESH, Laurie’s lawyer is alleging that she didn’t kill her husband and that two people, including a child, are involved in the incident.

The lawyer added that the child “is willing to testify in Shaver’s defense.”

Court filings obtained by the news outlet show that Laurie’s lawyer, Jeffrey Wiggs, said that “the minor had acted out as a consequence of past and repeated violence within the residence by Michael Shaver.”

Documents suggested that the girl would have been around 8 years old when the shooting happened.

Wiggs also claimed that the defense believes a second person, a man who had been in a relationship with Laurie, shot Michael a second time, after the girl.

The girl was assigned a judge-appointed lawyer, but the judge denied the motion from Wiggs to get state funding for an expert to evaluate her. According to WESH, the evaluation was to make sure the girl “understands the consequences of testifying and that she’s being truthful.”

Wiggs has reportedly asked the judge to reconsider their decision.

After Laurie was arrested, she was charged with second-degree homicide for her husband’s death.