VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Volusia County is the called the “shark bite capital of world” and the numbers back that up.

A report released by the International Shark Attack File showed there were 17 unprovoked shark bites in Volusia County last year. If Volusia County were a country, it would rank second in the entire world.

This year is off to a fast start too.

WESH 2 News reports there have two shark bites reported in the area during March so far. The latest incident involved a 20-year-old Florida surfer, according to WESH.

Eric String of Altamonte Springs told WESH he was surfing in seven to eight feet of water when he decided to jump off his board for a swim. That’s when the shark bit his foot.

“I felt like a grabbing on my foot,” String told WESH.

According to WESH, String went to the shore and taken to urgent care where he was treated. He hopes to be back in the water in a couple weeks.

“Even if it was once every few years, I think I would still surf, if that was the risk,” String told WESH.