TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A student at Buddy Taylor Middle School in Palm Coast was allegedly bitten by a rat after a teacher took over two dozen students to the school’s barn to feed cows, according to NBC affiliate WESH.

According to a professional standards report, the teacher, Lynette Monahan, brought the students to feed the cows for an agricultural lesson, when she sprayed a hose to flush rats out of a rat hole.

That’s when chaos ensued.

Rats began flooding out and some students tried grabbing the baby rats.

The report said one student told Monohan he got bit, although she claims the student never mentioned it.

The child also expressed concern about getting rabies, but Monahan insisted he didn’t have rabies, according to WESH.

Later that day, the child reportedly told his parents and was taken to the emergency room since the bit had broken his skin.

WESH reported Monahan had asked the student why he didn’t tell her he got bit. The child told her that he thought she had heard him or maybe that what he said wasn’t clear.

“If that was a possibility, he would have been taken immediately to the school nurse, and it would have been reported,” Monahan’s attorney said.

The same report claims another student was a bit and had her hands inspected by Monahan who reportedly didn’t find any marks or scratches.

The FDLE investigated the incident and Monahan was put on paid administrative leave.

According to WESH, Monahan’s lawyer says she’s still employed at the school but the agricultural program has been temporarily suspended.