ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida steak house is expanding its menu options and now offering a plant-based steak.

Charley’s Steak House said it is the first steak house chain in the US to add a plant-based steak to its menu.

The steak house’s Orlando location is offering the 6-ounce steak by Chunk, an Israeli startup, for $69 – $14 more than its 8-ounce center-cut filet mignon.

The plant-based steak is labeled as the “F U Filet Mignon – Freaking Unbelievable Plant-Based by Chunk” on the menu.

If you’re wondering what the steak is made of, Chunk Foods CEO Amos Golan told Business Insider that the steak contains “whole cuts” of plant-based meats made with fermented soy and wheat, beet juice, coconut oil, and fortified iron. The fermentation process is almost identical to the technology that’s used to make cheese or sausage, Golan said.

(Chunk Foods)

“It’s a nice umami flavor,” Golan told Insider. “It really gives a nice texture that’s very different from the texture you would usually get from plant-based proteins and also helps with the juiciness.”

Charley’s, owned by Talk of the Town Restaurant Group, has purchased 100,000 units from Chunk, Business Insider reported.

“We are excited to introduce our customers to Chunk steak, this partnership provides a solution that is in line with our quality expectations that we place on every item we serve. If it’s not the best, we won’t serve it,” said Seth Miller, vice president/chief operating officer of Talk of the Town.

Chunk said the new menu item “sparks a movement towards more innovative and inclusive dining.”

By October, the restaurant group will roll out the steak to its other restaurants, including a Charley’s location in Tampa and a Texas Cattle Company location in Lakeland.