TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida sheriff is making it his mission to let white supremacists know that they’re not welcome in his county.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he is selling anti-Nazi T-shirts to help send a message that Neo Nazis have no place in his jurisdiction.

The “Scumbag Eradication Team” t-shirts, which sell for $25, will help raise funds for the Volusia Sheriff’s Youth Foundation to help take children to the Florida Holocaust Museum to “learn about the history neo-Nazis want to deny.”

“We’re going to teach kids in our community to reject hate, whether it’s hatred based on faith, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or any other excuse,” Chitwood said.

The sheriff has taken several actions to condemn white supremacy and show solidarity with the minorities in his community, which has earned him the ire of hate groups who he said falsely accused him of being a crossdresser and a pedophile.

“These ‘master race’ white supremacist morons keep dropping flyers of the “Cross Dressing Sheriff” like it’s going to hurt my feelings or turn people against me,” he wrote on Facebook. “Hey losers, here are a few more photos you can use. I know you’re new to following me, but I have been proudly supporting and participating in the Daytona Beach Realtors Bratini fundraiser as one of their ‘celebrity models’ for years. We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for our friends battling breast cancer. I bet we will raise even more now. If you have a problem with that, get a life.”

In one instance, a man was even arrested for making threats toward his life, according to Chitwood.

Chitwood said people can preorder the shirts and mugs by emailing info@vsyf.org.