TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida school board muted the microphone of one resident who attempted to express his concerns about a “pornographic” book that was allegedly available to students in several school libraries, video footage from a local school board meeting showed.

As the man attempted to read a “sampling” from the three books allegedly available to students in high school libraries, his microphone was muted and the man was asked to stop.

“I’m going to reading things, if there are children watching — cover their ears,” the man said.

Four words into the book titled, “Lucky” by Alice Sebold, which recounts the sexual assault of a woman at the age of eighteen, the school board immediately cut the man’s microphone and told him to “hush” his mouth.

“Turn off his microphone, please. I told you, I’m stopping you,” a school board member said. “The reason I’m stopping you is because these meetings are — if you’ll hush your mouth for a minute, and listen, instead of just talking, you may learn something.”

When the man tried to argue that the books should not be available for students if he would not be allowed to read their contents out loud, the school board fired back.

“Are you going to listen or are you going to run your mouth?” the school board member said. “You’ll get it back. But, you’ll get it back to talk about something besides reading pornography into a public television set.”

The school board ultimately told the resident his concerns would be handled and that there are methods to “make an objection in writing.” The board added it would remove the title from school shelves while it is being reviewed.

According to WJXT, the district said it adopted a policy where parents can report material that they deem as obscene in a school library.