CAPE CORAL, Fla. (WFLA) — A restaurant in Florida drew controversy after issuing a message to prospective diners: if you wear a mask, you will not be served.

NBC affiliate WBBH reported that the owners of the Crisp Creperie in Cape Coral put a sign telling people to remove their masks before they enter the business.

“We believe they don’t do any good so we don’t want them here,” owner Debbie Hernandez said.

The owners said that masks can be dirty and affect their mental health. As such, they don’t want to see people wearing them.

 “We are also affected psychologically by having to look at somebody with their mask on,” Debi Hernandez told WBBH.

Some of the customers said they would not support a business with such a policy.

“I personally think it’s wrong that they are discriminating against people,” Cape Coral resident Jody Matthews said.

But the Hernandezes said that if you don’t like the mask policy, find your food somewhere else.

“There are other places to go eat,” owner Jack Hernandez said. “They don’t have to keep choosing this place.”

Other customers said they don’t care, saying that its the Hernandezes’ right to deny service as a private busines.

For now, the sign stays, even though it’s earned the restaurant some negative reviews.