TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida rapper said he is working to help support the family of Tyre Sampson, the teenager who died after falling from a ride at ICON Park in Orlando, as they lay their son to rest.

Jacksonville native Osiris Jahkail Williams, known professionally as YK Osiris, told TMZ that he was speaking with Tyre’s family to pay for the 14-year-old’s funeral.

“Outside of music, I have a big heart and things like that, you know,” Williams said. “I know they was waiting on the amusement park to do their thing and whatever, but … things gotta happen quicker.”

Tyre’s death caused scrutiny on the safety practices at ICON Park, as well as other theme parks across the country.

Tuesday, Ben Crump and other attorneys representing Tyre’s family visited the park as part of their own inspection of the ride.

The attorneys said they planned to file a negligence and product liability lawsuit against multiple companies for the boy’s death.

After learning what happened to Tyre, Williams said he felt a duty to use his platform to support the family.

“In the celebrity world, we got too much power … to not help with things like that,” he said.

Williams said he would want to attend the funeral with the family’s permission.