TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — If you’re looking for a clean bathroom during a pit stop in Florida, you might have a crappy time.

Public bathrooms are simply a necessity. Whether you’re out and about, or flush from a run through the park, or on a road trip and stop for gas, sometimes you just need to use the bathroom.

However, some states are stalled out when it comes to the quality of their public bathrooms, according to a study by Lavatory Lab.

“From dirty toilets to overflowing trash cans, it’s not uncommon to encounter a bathroom that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the Wild West,” Lavatory Lab said. “And let’s not forget about the infamous ‘bathroom odor…'” 

Out of all 50 states, Florida was ranked among the worst for public bathrooms, at No. 8.

“Public restrooms still serve a critical role in our society. Whether we like it or not, they’re a necessary part of our lives and we need them to be clean, safe, and accessible” Mark Williams of Lavatory Lab said.

The survey focused on accessibility, cleanliness, odor, flushing power, and lack of privacy. Lavatory Lab said the lack of privacy in public bathrooms isn’t just for stalls or urinals, but even applies to washing your hands.

“Sinks and mirrors are often situated in full view of everyone in the bathroom, meaning that you’re forced to engage in a game of ‘who can avoid eye contact the longest’ while you’re washing your hands,” according to Lavatory Lab.

Another big issue? Lack of toilet paper.

Lavatory Lab conducted a survey of Americans asking them to rate public bathrooms in their states. Floridians gave their scores of a 4.5 out of 10, leading to an overall rank of eighth worst public bathrooms in the country.

Bathroom cleanliness has been described in the past as a factor in how Americans think about different businesses, with a negative impact for dirty bathrooms, according to Cintas, a restroom supply company.

The issues with dirty bathrooms isn’t something to just be wiped away. There are health risks too, according to studies and analyses from a variety of companies and even the U.S. government, as well as, to be frank, common sense.

When it comes to the worst bathrooms by state, here’s the worst 10, according to Lavatory Lab.

  1. Wyoming 3.5
  2. New Hampshire 3.8
  3. Montana 4.0
  4. Mississippi 4.2
  5. Delaware 4.2
  6. Oregon 4.3
  7. Arkansas 4.4
  8. Florida 4.5
  9. Tennessee 4.6
  10. New York 4.7