(WFLA) — An officer is in critical condition after being shot in the face outside a hospital in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the shooting happened outside Baptist Medical Center South on Tuesday night.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said an off-duty officer noticed a suspicious vehicle circling the hospital parking lot. The officer tried to stop the car, but the driver drove away.

Other officers were then called to the hospital to pull the driver over.

Waters said when an officer raised his hand to stop the car, the man inside rolled down the window slightly and held out a gun or what looked like a gun and said “Shoot me.”

Waters said the officer did not shoot him. The man then pulled up next to a police car and fired on shot into the car. Officers then attempted a PIT maneuver but failed.

The man later crashed the car into two patrol cars and a pole. Officers tried getting the man to exit the vehicle but he refused.

Waters said an officer approached the right rear door and as he reached to open the door, the man fired a shot through the window, striking the officer in the face and critically injuring him.

Waters said officers then shot at the man several times, killing him at the scene.

“It’s getting very ridiculous. It’s very dangerous,” Waters said. “It is concerning. We do want to make sure our officers and our citizens know that they did the right thing tonight. They made sure that the individual did not go inside the hospital where who knows what could have happened.”

All officers have been placed on administrative leave.

The sheriff’s office has not released the identity of the suspect.