(WFLA) — A Florida teacher is facing charges after she allegedly organized student fights in her classroom.

Angel Footman, 23, allegedly allowed students to brawl in her classroom at Griffin Middle School in Tallahassee last month as she looked on from her desk, WCTV reported.

School administrators were made aware of the fights after videos showed three separate brawls in the classroom, court documents said.

In the videos, Footman was allegedly seen standing nearby or sitting at her desk while students fought, according to court documents.

Students told a school resource deputy that Footman asked them whether they wanted to have a “friendly fade” before the fights began. Footman would then lay out the rules by telling students to not pull hair or scream, court documents said.

Students told detectives that Footman would limit the brawls to 30 seconds and didn’t allow phones during the fights.

She even asked two students whether they wanted to come back during her 6th period planning period to “run it back,” court documents show.

The school resource deputy said school records revealed that the fights were never reported to administrators.

When investigators spoke with Footman, she admitted the fights happened in her classroom but denied organizing them.

Footman told investigators that she didn’t intervene because “the fights all happened too fast” for her to do anything, court documents said.

Footman faces four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

WCTV reported that Footman’s arraignment is scheduled for May 4.