MIAMI SPRINGS, Fla. (WFLA/NBC) — A McDonald’s manager in Miami Springs spoke out after she was attacked by a customer who threw hot coffee, burning her arms.

In a report by NBC Affiliate WTVJ, Stephanie Resuccia said she had to intervene when a customer, identified by police as Elizar Ravelo, got into an argument with one of her employees.

The manager went to hand the customer his hot coffee at the drive-through when Ravelo knocked the coffee at her, as seen in a video released by police.

“As soon as I pull out the coffee to give it to him, he smashed the coffee and like coffee went everywhere,” Resuccia said. “It burned my arm from here to here, so I was like, ok, now what happens?”

Resuccia said she had to go to a doctor to get treated for the burns and had to use a medicated cream to reduce the scarring.

“There is not enough reason for you to do that to somebody,” she told WTVJ.

An arrest report said Ravelo denied threatening to throw the coffee and said he wasn’t happy with the service.

Police said he escalated to violence after being told he was short a few pennies.