(WFLA) — A man living in Winter Park had to travel to the Ukrainian-Poland border to save his family members from the chaos in their home country.

NBC affiliate WESH reported that Aleksandr Murga met his sister Marisha at the border this past week as she and other family members tried to escape the conflict.

According to WESH, Murga’s family is from Zhytomyr, a city 85 miles away from Kyiv that was shelled heavily two days after his sister left.

“She says that people just getting killed. A lot of buildings are getting damaged, destroyed. A lot of kids die out there. It’s just pretty bad,” Aleksandr Murga said as he translated for his sister. “All they do is just give you paper, like that and go read, do your homework.”

In video taken by Murga, he was seen frustrated trying to get a visa from the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw to help bring his sister to the states.

WESH reported that the Murga family will try again at the embassy in Krakow, a nexus of border traffic from Ukraine into Poland.

“We really need the skies to be closed, and like I said, the Ukrainian people are fighting for the whole world right now,” Aleksandr Murga told WESH.