TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The man charged in the death of ex-NBA player Adreian Payne told deputies he was justified in killing him, according to a police report.

NBC affiliate WESH reported that Lawrence Dority, 29, told deputies that he feared for his life during a confrontation with Payne, prompting him to shoot the former Orlando Magic player.

According to WESH, official documents said that Payne and his girlfriend were at a home on Egret Shores Drive in Orlando after Dority’s girlfriend invited them to the neighborhood.

Deputies said that the two couples knew each other and had met before in the past, but this meeting turned violent.

A report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that Payne intimidated Dority, and threatened to “smoke” him, which made Dority think he had a gun.

“Dority stated he was protecting his family and protecting his home. Dority stated his actions were justified,” the report said.

However, witnesses said Payne was not being intimidating.

Dority was charged with first-degree murder and was booked in the Orange County Jail after his interview with detectives.