PALM BAY, Fla. (WESH) – A Palm Bay man has been arrested in connection to the death of his 12-year-old son.

According to an arrest affidavit, Jason Godleski called Palm Bay police on Oct. 22 to report the death of his son but did not say how the boy died.

OfFlorida man left 12-year-old son to die after ‘misbehaving,’ police sayficers discovered the boy deceased inside the laundry room, with evidence of trauma to his body. Officers said it appeared the boy had been deceased for a “lengthy” period of time.

The affidavit said officers made contact with Godleski’s girlfriend, who was in Connecticut with their other three children.

In an interview with the girlfriend, she stated on Oct. 17 the victim was placed in the laundry room for “misbehaving.” After leaving the 12-year-old in the room for several days, the girlfriend stated she heard Godleski beat the boy “severely.” She stated that on Oct. 20, Godleski told her he was taking her and their other children to Connecticut to “give her a break” from the 12-year-old.

Palm Bay officers said Godleski was then overheard making a phone call to a family member where he admitted to punishing the victim and leaving him deceased inside the home.

The affidavit states that officers interviewed Godleski’s mother on Oct. 26 and she relayed to police what her son told her about what happened.

He told his mother the 12-year-old had been hit “too hard” in the face and back of the head and was not able to form complete sentences. Godleski reportedly told his mother it was an accident and used the phrase “there was no intent.”

Godleski told his mother that he and his girlfriend discussed taking the boy to the hospital and agreed they would the next day “if he was not walking.”

However, Godleski told his mother he and his girlfriend instead gave the victim Benadryl to sleep and “used the victim’s own hands to scratch his face to make his wounds appear self-inflicted.”

The affidavit states the victim was alive for days but died when the family left for Connecticut.

Godleski’s mother told police he and his girlfriend agreed he would take the blame and she would wait for him to get out of prison. He also reportedly told his mother they rehearsed the story they would tell the police and “coached” the other children on what to say to law enforcement.

Godleski has been charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and failure to report a death. A judge on Wednesday ordered him to be held on no bond and cannot have contact with his other three kids.