TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida man was arrested for killing his roommate after shooting him with a pellet gun in May, according to deputies.

NBC affiliate WESH reported that Lake County deputies reported to a home in Altoona on May 4 after getting two “cryptic” emergency calls.

Deputies said that Jesse Hill, 42, fired a .22 caliber pellet gun at his roommate, 44-year-old Ernie Wayne Wilburn.

Witnesses told deputies that Hill shot his roommate because he was “being annoyed” by him but didn’t think the gun would kill him, according to the WESH report.

Investigators said they found Wilburn with a puncture wound to his left rib cage and that he was moved before he died.

Deputies found the gun in a grassy area outside the two men’s home.

A lieutenant with the LCSO told WESH that Hill should have known not to shoot the pellet gun at his roommate because his landlord told him the pellets had penetrated several walls before.

According to an autopsy report, a pellet had embedded itself into Wilburn’s lungs and caused him to suffer for a long time before he died.

He now faces charges for manslaughter and tampering with evidence.