WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. (WESH)—A Winter Springs man has been stuck on a cruise ship in an Italian port for eight weeks and his parents are growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of time it’s taking to get their son home.

Taylor Grimes, through his mom’s cellphone in Winter Springs, showed WESH 2 News how he’s been living in a small crew cabin aboard a cruise ship.

“No day is fun, but some days are better than others and then some days are just the absolute worst,” he said.

Grimes was working at a cruise ship jewelry store as COVID-19 continued to spread in mid-March. One of his friends tested positive for the coronavirus and his odyssey began.

His mother said he’s been tested for the virus eight times. He initially tested positive, but his mother said the results he’s received since have been “maddening.”

“His test results have been positive, positive, negative, positive, negative, positive,” Ann Grimes said.

Grimes must have two negative tests in a row before he can come home and he’s still waiting on results to the test he took this week.

“We have no confidence right now in the testing procedures,” Ann Grimes said.

His father said he’s more concerned about his son’s mental well-being than his physical condition.

“I am worried about him, not so much physically because he hasn’t shown any signs of the virus, but mentally he’s on a never-ending roller coaster ride,” Tom Grimes said.

His parents said they have a plan for when he finally gets the green light to come back to Seminole County. They intend to line the road with friends and family to welcome him home.